Alfombra Duetto de Hanna Korvela

Hanna Korvela - jet black paper yarn and light cotton carpets / carpet collection. Natural or man made goes through multiple processes before its ready to be fashioned into floor covering.


Block Lamp (lightbulb held inside two shaped pieces of clear glass) by the Finnish designer Harri Koskinen.

Aarikka Keisarinna Ruustinna and Prinsessa

I got a middle-sized candle holder as a x-mas present and now dreaming about next one. Also a tray appeals to the eye. Finnish design By Aarikka.

Artek | Pirkka

Art For the Kitchen & Dining Room: Vintage Botanical Prints and Wall Charts — Kitchen Inspiration

Iittala Aalto-maljakko, tumma liila, 16 cm

Iittala Aalto-maljakko, tumma liila, 16 cm

Siirtolapuutarha - Marimekko

Their vivid, unique colour scales are typical to Marimekko. Striking Siirtolapuutarha depicts the saturated abundance of an urban cottage garden.

Balmuir - Capri scarf, champagne

EN This beautiful Balmuir Capri scarf will be an accessories staple. A natural colour scheme lends a touch of earthy charm to the

Kiekko seinäkello, valkoinen, Muoto²

Kiekko seinäkello, valkoinen, Muoto²

Artek | Kanto-lehtiteline

“Kanto” Kanto is a newspaper stand or firewood rack made from one bent sheet of plywood. Designed by Pancho Nikander in Kanto continues to honour Artek's tradition of bent wood products in a contemporary and versatile way.

Naketano Hoodie Darth Yellow

Naketano Hoody Kapuze "DARTH V" gelb yellow melange NEU Hooded Sweater Pullover

Iittala Lighting, Nappula Candleholder | kynttilänjalka

Iittala Lighting, Nappula Candleholder Collection

Iittala Lighting, Nappula Candleholder Collection - Candles & Home Fragrance - Macy's