Tiina Pennanen

Tiina Pennanen

Tiina Pennanen
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Old Furniture and Door Pieces made into Something New - this time a Closet. Everyday is a Holiday

Shabby Armoire - created from vintage architectural bits - and - if those 2 green doors were set up "just so", they could create dressing room cubbies, or provide hidden stock storage spaces.

I find it useful that they display the price of the journey on the app. It makes it easier to plan trips and also make sure I have the right amount of money with me.

For DIY price tags! Stamp a pretty design and write in the price. For craft shows garage sales flea markets boutique shops antique sales glass case displays and more. Available in dollar euro and pound sterling symbols. by stampcouture

Finland... Simple in the wilderness, Four-Cornered Villa, Avanto Architects, black wood box architecture at night. #house #simple #finland

The site of this ‘Four Cornered Villa’ by Avanto Architects Ltd is situated on a horseshoe-shaped island and faces north and east. The cross-like shape of this simple villa reaches towards four very different views, the space is open and