Tiina Ruponen
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Sports equipment, coats, bags and magazine stacks stay organized in a wall of cubbies by the back door.
Ulkona pallovalaisin on pelkistetyssä muodossaan erityisen hieno kun lumi sataa sen päälle ja kasvin oksat luovat siihen varjojaan.
You can grow an olive tree in a concrete planter on a deck. They're really hardy, don't mind heat generated by their pot and don't require insects to pollinate them. I've had one for 16 years in a terracotta pot and although the pot keeps it small, it still rewards me with enough olives to brine for my pantry.
Mason Jar lights...
Don't have a mudroom? Make your own with beautiful old wood from Two Ellie eclecticallyvintage.com
Masculine rustic and simply elegant interior design #japaneseinterior #interiordesign
TRONES schoenenkast. Deze pin repinnen wij om jullie te inspireren! #IKEArepint