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a hand holding a black and white coffee mug with a bee on it
First time sgraffito! Hand built porcelain mug and black underglaze.
a painting of houses and a tree on a hill
Деревья и домики для вдохновения
a woman holding a coffee mug with her face painted like a cat and another cup that says soft kitty ham kitty little ball of happy kitty
My first DIY sharpie mug. Any thoughts?
a coffee cup with a black cat on it sitting on top of a stack of books
a colorful plate with a woman's face painted on it
emeklilik hobileri
a woman holding up a plate with owls and hearts painted on it, in front of a wall
Piatti da parete in ceramica con gufi. Tecnica Cuerda Seca.
three plates with different designs on them sitting on a counter top next to each other
شیک ترین تزیین دیوار را با بشقاب های سفالی تجربه کنید بشقاب های دیواری تزیینی با طرح های زیبا و جدید
a vase with yellow and blue dots on it sitting on top of a wooden table
loving katrin moye’s beautiful ceramics
In my many years of scoping out flea markets, craft fairs, juried art exhibitions and gift shops, I’ve encountered a lot of ho-hum pottery and ceramics. You’ve probably seen them too &#…
three black and white bowls with yellow rims on grey background, one in the shape of a bowl
New Rina Menardi Canna 2 Vase in Poppy Glaze - Item:10616
Photo of Beswick Mid Century Zebra Stripe Planter Bowl