Red cottage , Sweden I wonder if i could paint my house this color and get away…


Finland in Reflection

I'm more of a lake/river kinda girl rather then a beach girl. I HATE sand. I hate how the salt water feels. But the lake! The lake is MY place!

Finnish summer at its best

Suomen kesää parhaimmillaan – Finnish summer at its best!

That lovely, lovely dunes of Yyteri in Pori, Finland. The Finnish west coast is just beautiful.

That lovely dunes of Yyteri in Pori, Finland (west coast).


Helsinki - Taneli Eskola Helsinki, and many other Finnish cities, are absolutely fabulous in summer. I wouldn´t travel abroad this time a year.


Read More About Finland. Always wanted to visit my friend Harri, maybe Helsinki?


Ready for sauna, birch twigs with fresh leaves to gently slap the back for a wonderful feeling

Whooper Swan, the national bird of Finland.

Whooper Swans in a heart shape. Apparently the national bird of Finland.


Summer in Finland, sauna and a lovely striped Blanka-towel from Nest Factory

9 uutta ravintolaa, joissa syödä ja juoda tänä kesänä - Ravintolat - Nyt

New restaurant and sauna Löyly in Hernesaari, Helsinki