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We don’t all have the time or energy to whip up watercolour splotches and splashes when its just what our project needs…so here in a handy pack of over 80 items, you should find what you - Amazing Interior Design

CHECK out my other boards :)! Lotsa neat stuff. Folded paper made into different shapes. Cooool!

I ♥ mathematics {platonic solids garland}

Tea package

Funny pictures about Chinese tea package. Oh, and cool pics about Chinese tea package. Also, Chinese tea package.

ABACUS | Work | Thirst

We created a commemorative poster series and folio to celebrate the hyperreal technology performance ABACUS at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival as part of the New Frontiers program.

How to Make a Clipping Mask in Adobe Illustrator - The Crafty Frugaler

How to Make a Clipping Mask in Adobe Illustrator - make text a compound path to make it mask all in one shot The Crafty Frugaler

Design Film Festival Singaport

Cloud represented Cannes Short Film Corner indie filmmakers and PR agencies to research, plan and promote films leading to the Cannes.

Something as simple as a Direct Mail that brings alive the idea and the sales message and gets the consumer to WANT to come and see you/buy. #Creative #Marketing #Advertising

Now this is good advertising…

IKEA Direct Mail - pop up style. Great direct mail item that is a form of novelty advertising which will surely resonate and be effective at keeping and retaining the receivers' attention.

St Louis Design Week: Le Chat Putain | TOKY curated by Packaging Diva PD. Le Chat Putain” was winning contribution to St. Louis Design Week’s beer branding competition. The brand, literally translates to “that f*cking cat,” graced beer labels, t-shirts, buttons, and more : )

TOKY created the playful name and award-winning identity for Le Chat Putain, a French farmhouse ale.

Icosahedron  Model Template

Icosahedron Model Template for children to create in class, great hands on activity for children to be creative

Tea packaging

In this article we showcase the most innovative, unique, memorable, and creative packaging design ideas from all over the world. With a creative and appealing package design, you can make your products and services stand out among the rest. Design is.

Interesting posters. Not sure how I feel about this for Alice in Wonderland, but I like the configuration of the different suits simply for its own sake.

Ten Re-Imagined Disney Posters