Retro battered school chairs - to kick off a little theme here of stacking chairs.....

Vintage colors in chair stacker

Bolle bottles by Finnish designer and sculptor Tapio Wirkkala for Venini (1968) using the "Incalmo technique"

'Bolle' bottles by Tapio Wirkkala, the product of a collaboration with Murano-based glassworks Venini, image courtesy of Venini

Love The bookcase

for smaller apt.

Plats för alla kompisar runt köksbordet

via Alvhem, kitchen table next to the window


Bialetti Moka pot blueprint - great design meets an Italian standard. -- I'd like to hang this as a poster in my future kitchen, next to all the coffee making things

Retrorummet - Köp Möbler Och Prylar Från Förr

Retrorummet - Köp Möbler Och Prylar Från Förr

Serving a delicious range of breakfast, brunch & lunch items available all day.