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Child Psychiatry

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Games that you can play to practice and improve executive functioning skills
Understanding how to peacefully resolve conflicts can be fun.

Counseling games

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A 12-page workbook that will allow children to express their thoughts and feelings about their parent's divorce through writing, drawings, and/or pictures. CHECK OUT THE PREVIEW FOR A DETAILED DESCRIPTION!
Talking with kids about divorce can be hard. Help them express their thoughts and emotions with these divorce sentence completion counseling activities. Great for use by parents and counselors.
Divorce and separation counseling Activity craft with paper bags.

Divorce Activities

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Are you wondering how to do centers in school counseling? Read how a fellow counselor used centers in classroom guidance for the first time! Centers are perfect for classroom guidance lessons or counseling lessons on a variety of topics: emotions, self regulation, anger management, conflict resolution, friendship, coping skills, and more!
Inside Out emotions lesson plans #insideout
Free Interactive Printable Emotions Face activity with prompts and scenarios. GREAT for use at home, in the classroom, in therapy, with children who have autism or social skills deficits and more! My kids would have a blast with these 3D interactive faces!

Inside Out

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Calm down area
Anger Games 2


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50 Free Sandtray Therapy Directives from the Southern Sandtray Institute
Basic Portable Sand Tray Starter Kit
10 Must-watch play therapy videos for featuring both directive and non-directive play therapy

Play Therapy

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A healthy ADHD diet for kids can improve nutrition, health, focus, and behavior. Find out what a healthy ADHD diet looks like!
Have you tried using #essentialoils to help manage #ADHD symptoms? Here's our experience.
Early morning exercise - A new study specifically looked at exercise programs before school and found that children with ADHD had reduced inattention and moodiness both at school and at home."


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social media safety classroom guidance lesson for school counseling: students evaluate 30 social media scenarios for safety and discuss their ideas in an interactive scoot activity
Social Media Safety: This classroom guidance lesson gives students the opportunity to evaluate 30 social media posts & scenarios to determine if they are safe or unsafe through a scoot activity. Students discuss their ideas and review guidelines for safely using social media apps and websites. This can be used as a classroom guidance lesson or small group counseling activity to promote safe social media practices.
Students will have fun learning and/or reviewing vocabulary associated with…


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These bullying prevention activities for kids will help your teach you students what bullying is and how to be an upstander. These are great for bullying prevention month or to build a positive school community. These can be used in individual, small group or classroom school counseling lessons. They can also be used with targets or perpetrators of bullying or relational aggression.
blog post: Looking for bullying prevention activities to get your students engaged with one another in meaningful ways? You'll love these 4 activities for bullying classroom guidance lessons in your school counseling program! -Counselor Keri
Looking for bullying prevention activities to get your students engaged with one another in meaningful ways? You'll love these 4 activities for bullying classroom guidance lessons in your school counseling program! -Counselor Keri


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Behavior Management

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How to make a friend lap book! Explore easy steps, dos and don'ts and make a plan for forming a new friendship! -Counselor Keri
Have your students CHOOSE KIND! Promote kindness in your classroom by using a “Choose Kind" Jar! 20 unique take action cards - each card also has a book quote from R.J. Palacio's Wonder!
Friendship group: This friendship social skills elementary school counseling small group counseling program aims to empower students to maintain positive friendships by teaching key friendship social skills such as conversation skills, listening skills, playing fair, accepting others, conflict resolution, and more! This is perfect for friendship small group counseling or friendship classroom guidance lessons.

Kindness Matters

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CBT activity ideas for elementary school counseling that helps students understand thoughts and feelings. Free CBT story you can download to guide students to make the connection. Hands-on activities, CBT worksheets, children's books, and games help students understand this abstract concept.
CBT of anger, depression, and anxiety


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I think everyone should read this article about the Trauma Tree - Understanding The Impact of Childhood Trauma...very insightful.
Grief recovery small group program -Counselor Keri
Grief workbook for coping with death. Great resource for counselors, therapists, social workers, and psychologists. #therapy

Grief & Trauma Files

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Affies & Growth Mindset

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Social & Life Skills

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SPD and Tantrums. Advice all parents need for Sensory Processing Disorders
Setting up a food taste test is a fun way to teach a preschooler about the sense of taste from the 5 senses!

Sensory Integration

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Girl's will color their way to higher self-esteem.
Confident cookies. Great game for counseling.


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Use digital activities and google classroom in your school counseling program!
7 Apps to Use in School Counseling
7 Apps to Use in School Counseling

Play Therapy Apps

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Executive Functioning Flip Book to teach about executive functioning skills: Planning, organization, metacognition, attention, flexibility, task initiation, and more

For the Therapist

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Coping Skills

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After a Death: An Activity Book for Children: Amy Barrett Lindholm, MS, Donna L. Schuurman, Ed.D., Joan Schweizer Hoff, M.A., Rebecca Hobbs Lawrence, The Children at The Dougy Center: 9781890534103: Amazon.com: Books
64 Children's Books About Grief …


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Useful Activities for Mental Health Groups - even in OT settings!
Students will learn to demolish their anxiety and worries with this comprehensive group counseling curriculum that can also be used for individual student counseling. This curriculum that incorporates CBT strategies is appropriate for students as young as grade 3 up to grade 7.
Blooming friendships counseling group for early elementary students!

Group Therapy

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