A Moomin family portrait, from the left, Snufkin (Moomins bestfriend!), down at the front is Little My (a friend of the Moomin's), behind Little My is Snorkmaiden (Moomin's friend, and girlfriend some would say!). Then right at the back is The Hemulen, next to Snorkmaiden is Moomin (otherwise known as Moomintroll!) and he's standing next to Pappamoomin his Dad, and next to him is Mammamoomin his Mum!! Then right on the end is Sniff (another great friend of Moomin and all!)....

Ahh, images of childhood: The Moomins (or Mumintroll as they are called in Scandinavia): the lovely family of trolls who live in Finland. Illustrated by Tove Jansson, her iconic drawings made the Moomins what it is today. The Moomins are.

the home of a god.Tove Jansson's cottage, Pellinki. Creator of Moomins.

Tove Jansson's cottage in Klovharun island in Pellinki. Jansson was a Swedish-speaking Finnish novelist, painter, illustrator and comic strip author. Tove Jansson is best known as the author of the MOOMIN books for children.