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a bottle of wine sitting on top of a wooden table
Holy Mountain Brewing
Holy Mountain The Ox
several different bottles with labels on them, all in different shapes and sizes are shown
Lysebu Beer Packaging
Light backdrop with one color (or two shades?) for each product. Don't really care for the design tho
a bottle of karu beer on a white background
Olvi Cider
not sure what the brew is, but this bottle looks very tempting
a bottle of murray's whale ale
a bottle of red wine sitting on top of a white table next to a glass
11 - Bernabé
No es una mejor que la otra, son diferentes y cada una tiene su personalidad...¿tú de quién eres? #yo11
a beer bottle with an image of a bearded man on it
Omnipollo Näcken
Omnipollo Näcken labels designed by Karl Grandin.
three bottles of beer sitting next to each other
Opinion Series: The Rise of Craft Beer
Opinion Series: The Rise of Craft Beer — The Dieline
several different types of bottles are shown on the table and in front of them is an advertisement for shipwreck
The Design Blog - Graphic Design, Branding, and Packaging Inspiration
Shipwreck Stout beer #packaging design. Check out this great typography!
several different types of wood and metal items on display in an exhibit case, with the words
Wild Hog Brewery Branding and Packaging Design
Wild Hog Brewery Branding and Packaging Design by MAISON D'IDÉE curated by Packaging Diva PD. Aim of this design was to avoid any typical beer-like clichés when it comes to brewery logo design or packaging itself.
a sticker that says kitzbuhel hotel schweife
Austria - Kitzbuhel - Hotel Schweizerhof
Hotel Schweizerhof We love hotels! Also see
a series of black and gold skateboards stacked on top of each other in different positions
Brassneck Brewery
Brassneck Brewery by Post Projects