Karhunkierros 2019?

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Tinne Van Rooy
Build A Bad Weather Fire. It's often when you need a fire most—during rain, wind, or snow—that it's the hardest to start. Here's how to do it.

How to Build a Survival Fire in Bad Weather

How to make a survival fire when you need it most

Kuusamo - Pieni Karhunkierros

Finland 1 : Lapland to the lakes

Finland - land of a thousand lakes – or, in reality, closer to 200,000 – and trees, lots of trees. You know the Beatles’ song, The Long and Winding Road? Well, in northern and eastern Finland it doesn’t wind all that much, largely due to being built in the 1950s as part of an effort to provide employment during a time of economic depression, and it passes by lakes, and great stands of towering conifers, mainly spruce, like spindly candles pointing skywards, with birch trees mingled among…

Karhunkierros 80km hike

The Ruka & Kuusamo Travel Guide - The Ultimate Travel Guide To Ruka & Kuusamo, Lapland

The Ultimate Travel Guide To Ruka & Kuusamo, Lapland

Karhunkierros trails in Oulanka

Finland - Oulanka park

Hiking the Karhunkierros trails in Oulanka park, Finland.

Onze slaapplaats in Finland?


Foto - billede af Shelter. Gratis brug for skoler osv., betalt brug 200 - 400 DKK /foto. Familie: . Lokalitet Fur Denmark. Id 72086