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street art

i wish i could see this in person. and create my own version in the cracks of my backyard cement. such beauty. * insta: outofthekit -Street Art in the cracks of Paris by Juliana Santacruz Herrera. Knitting potholes with a touch of color!

Rain,_2011_by_Samuel_Salcedo,_Polyester_resin_and_aluminium_powder,_Exposition_LISTEN,_2012_at_Galerie_Robert_Drees,_Weidendamm_15,_D_-_30167_Hannover,_Germany.jpg (1944×2592)

Samuel Salcedo sculptures, polyester resin and aluminum powder, LISTEN 2012 exhibition at the Gallery Robert Drees, Weidendamm D - 30167 Hannover, Germany