Norrbottenspets - Hailing from Norrbotten, Sweden and Lappland/Kainuuland, Finland

*FOR ALL THE PEOPLE WHO THINK THAT THIS IS A NORWEGIAN LUNDEHUND*  This is not a norweigian lundehund but a relative of it. It's called a Norbottenspets. Look it up.

Norwegian Lundehund: This is one of the rarest breeds of dogs in the US. It's ranked 173 out of 175 dog breeds. Only the Cesky Terrier and the English Foxhound have fewer registrations.

♥RDS♥ 164  Norbottenspets

♥RDS♥ 164 Norbottenspets


simply-canine: “ klint steking in sun by Markus // Norrbottenspets ”

Nordic Spitz - Norbottenspets

Spitz de Norbotten

Nordic Spitz - Norbottenspets


The Klein German Spitz is a extremely old breed of dog descended from Nordic herding dogs that most likely came to Europe with the Vikings.