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there is a painting on the fence of a child's yard with a tiger and panda
epic fence
Calvin and Hobbes fence. Ummmm CUTE!!!
some plants are growing along the edge of a rock garden bed in front of a house
Abiqua Moonbeam Hosta
Large green leaves with chartreuse margins adorn the Abiqua Moonbeam Hosta, which is a sport of August Moon Hosta. Great for shady borders as well as container plants. Hosta are easy to grow and add a burst of color to shady spots! Thsi variety is... #OutdoorPlants
a garden with rocks and flowers in it
Front Yard Landscaping Refresh
Rainscaping - Front Yard Landscaping Refresh
a man laying on the ground next to a garden
Just 3 simple steps: Pour quick-set concrete into the mold on any flat surface. Smooth with a trowel. Wait one minute, lift mold and move on. This mold measures 20 inches x 24 inches x 2 inches, and holds one 60 pound bag of premix concrete. Makes a straight path or patio. - Craft ~ Your ~ Home
Super fast and easy path maker, to create a walkway, you set it on flat and level ground, then Pour cement into the sections.
an umbrella is hanging from the side of a pink building with power lines in the background
Bees and Roses. Gardening tips and hacks. — Plant guides. Gardening hacks. Botany secrets.
Installing a pergola for shade, or even an awning can be a daunting and expensive task. If you aren’t willing to undertake a huge project, use a curtain system from IKEA to create a summer shade.
the instructions for how to build an outdoor pergola with wooden posts and beams
Easily Build a Fast DIY Beautiful Backyard Shade Structure
Fast and easy DIY freestanding ShadeScape™ pergola!
an outdoor pergola with the words how to build a pergola on it
How to Build a Super Frugal Pergola
Build this modified pergola for $200, including the lights and curtains!
several pieces of wood sitting on top of each other in the shape of square tiles
Hardwood Acacia Deck Tiles Garden Winds
Twelve Slat Mahogany - Box of 10 Deck Tiles -DIY floor for the backyard gazebo
four buckets are sitting on the floor next to a red suitcase and some wooden poles
****PaRtY on the Patio!****
Set your light posts, tiki torches, etc in a bucket of concrete so they don't blow over. Great idea.
a backyard with lawn chairs and string lights on the patio, next to a fire pit
DIY Patio Area with Texas Lamp Posts
DIY Patio Area with Texas Lamp Posts | Add a patio with fun planter posts to a backyard area.