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5 Activities to Help Children Develop Emotional Control

So simple it's brilliant. Talk about feelings and make these emotion masks at preschool.

Paper Plate Emotion Masks

Paper Plate Emotion Masks are a great way for children to express how they are feeling without using any words. These masks will help facilitate emotions that children may not be able to come up with on their own.


Lego facial expressions for feelings How Do You Feel Today? Image by Designholic

¿Para enseñar las emociones tal vez?

Paper Plate Emotion Masks

Drawing emotions

This makes my heart happy! Helping kids learn feelings and take charge of them! Drawing their emotions: their emotions, their creativity, their pictures.


Problem Solving Wheel for Anger Management. Helpful way to provide choices to children.

Good for recognizing emotions. May even try pasting our own pictures over certain emotions.

Dice in Dice good for cooperative learning games or classroom choices - instantly has two choices with dice inside dice

Muffin Tin Feelings Toss. Draw feelings faces with a Sharpie, and use a hacky sack ball to toss. Wherever it lands that feeling is identified. Could also toss pennies.

muffin tin feelings toss- draw feelings faces with a sharpie, and use a hacky sack ball to toss- discuss feeling that is landed on

Feelings Coloring Pages - Newsletter Sign-Up Freebie #feelings #emotions

Feelings Coloring Pages Newsletter Freebie

feelings flash cards

Get the PDF Feelings This is one of my most requested image sets. I've got plans to make a whole new version of these images this summer, what feelings do you think