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Plastic Model Cars | Thread: plastic model cars

Plastic Model Cars | Thread: plastic model cars

Custom Plastic Model Cars | ART CORNER: The custom 1:24 models of Luis Aguilar, Part 02

We met Luis Aguilar at a local owner gathering and immediately had our brains melted by his astounding scale plastic models. It wasn’t just his tremendous attention to detail that c…

model car engine detailing | Detailing Model Car Engine

I am working on the polar lights Mr. I have wired the engine with a pre-wired distributor, but can not find any reference photos on how.

model car engine detailing | am I on the right track" w/ engine detailing!

Whats up everyone Jus wanted to drop in and ask for opinions suggestions or any replies concerning. This is my first build that i will begin this particu.

model car engine detailing | Thread: Model Car Engine Detail

AA/FC Funny Car engine and cockpit. Notice how much room there is for the driver to move around compared to today's safer cockpits