coffee :) ..and those chocolates don't look too bad either

Cute coffee mug, DIY kitchen project idea, I need coffee, But first coffee

Coffe Pug

The Most Important Meal of the Day Art Print by gemma correll

20 merkkiä siitä, että kahvi on yhtä tärkeä osa sinua kuin sisäelimesi | Vivas

Coffee cup wall - How fun. I love to buy all sorts of coffee cups! But run out of room to store them. I need to start a collection and what a great idea to display them.


Wake Up! This Rooster was too cute to not post. Laughing and smiling are good for your health.(Two of my favorite things! Coffee and a roosters crow in the morning)


~Spring Pirouettes~ Iced Coffee w/ extra cream on pink scented afternoons .

5. jakso: Emman Kahvi- ja valkosuklaakakku

5. jakso: Emman Kahvi- ja valkosuklaakakku