coffee :) ..and those chocolates don't look too bad either

Cute coffee mug, DIY kitchen project idea, I need coffee, But first coffee

Coffe Pug

The Most Important Meal of the Day Art Print by Gemma Correll -

20 merkkiä siitä, että kahvi on yhtä tärkeä osa sinua kuin sisäelimesi | Vivas

Coffee cup wall - How fun. I love to buy all sorts of coffee cups! But run out of room to store them. I need to start a collection and what a great idea to display them.


Wake Up! This Rooster was too cute to not post. Laughing and smiling are good for your health.(Two of my favorite things! Coffee and a roosters crow in the morning)

5. jakso: Emman Kahvi- ja valkosuklaakakku

5. jakso: Emman Kahvi- ja valkosuklaakakku