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Björn Weckström (b. 1935) is a recognized jewelry artist and sculptor. He was the forerunner in designing sculpture-like jewelry for Lapponia Jewelry, drawing his inspiration from the shape and matte surface of gold nuggets from Finnish Lapland. Designing silver pieces, his aim was to use silver to portray the snowy, Finnish winter landscape with its frozen lake surfaces. This how the unique surfaces of Lapponia pieces and the creation of distinctive Lapponia design language were born.
Lapponia Jewelry  ESPLANADI  Silver  SEK??
UOMA  Design Pekka Hirvonen
LAPLAND SILVER GIOIA  Design Björn Weckström
NILE  Design Björn Weckström
Designer Pekka Hirvonen has been designing jewelry for Lapponia since 2002. His design language strives for simplicity. Curves and lines create a harmonious entity, but maintaining its sensitivity is very challenging for the production. The forms can be described as graceful and aerodynamic. The same kind of forms can be found in nature and therefore they appeal to the human eye. In addition to aesthetics and excellent goldsmith skills, Hirvonen also emphasises the practicality of jewelry.
Inspired by pinstriping
Simple but effective

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