Robert Togom

Robert Togom
Helsinki / Specialises In water treatment But am intrested in Everythng,pyschology,technology and any othe GY thing
Robert Togom
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open ur eyes to the deceptive real or you will not be able to attain the THE TRUE GOOD. its possible to be decepted in the fact that you think u have good!

The route of the wilderness wanderings of the Israelites between the Exodus and their entry into the Promised Land is listed in Numbers 33:1-50. The map below plots the major points along that journey.

Moses' route through the Sinai to Land of Midion and on north through Jordan to Mt. Nebo on the banks of Palestine (Land of Canaan). Town of YHW (Yahoo) in Mideon is where burning bush is encountered. Set 1 mentions the Shasu tribe (Israelites)


Isaiah as the rain comes down and the snow from heaven, and returns not thither, but waters the earth, and makes it bring forth and bud . " You never know that one word bring a soul to Christ.

He knows our plans ❤️

1 Peter Proverbs Psalm Understand that God is ALWAYS in control. Our job is to submit and surrender to His will for us. Die to self daily and let the Lord direct our paths. Then you will experience true peace through obedience.