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Sailing knots - the Bowline knot - The bowline knot is a favorite amongst many sailors and is very commonly used. It is used to tie a loop (eg. attached a sheet rope to the clew of a sail), is quick and easy to tie, doesn’t come undone under load, and is easy to undo. #Bowlineknot #lasersailing #LST

There are 2 main Laser sailing knots that are used; the bowline knot and the figure 8 knot.

Rotator Cuff Injury Exercises: Strengthening & Stretching

Rotator cuff injuries involve the group of 4 muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder joint. Rotator Cuff Surgery is a Cost-Effective Treatment Option in India.

Paracord Blow Darts

In this article we pull together 101 Paracord Projects, including survival bracelets, lanyards and belts. These DIY projects are all made with 550 paracord.