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FREE Draw Something Cue Cards

Great for fast finishers, centres or small group work, each card includes 4 thought provoking sentences to promote thinking outside of the box. Students are required to copy the sentence into their books and then draw something that answers the question. Images have intentionally been left off of th...

Make Your Own Comic Book with FREE printable comic book! My five year old daughter was adamant about spelling all the words herself. Though she didn't spell superheroes in the conventional way, I was proud of all the sounds she heard. #sponsored #CerealHeroes

Make Your Own Comic Book – Free Printable Comic

I'd like to thank Big G for sponsoring today's post, but my love for comic books and cereal is all my own. I have a special treat for you all today. We recently had a blast writing and illustrating our own comic books where the kids got to create their own super heroes. Want to do the same? Read on to see how you can download the free comic book template that my husband created. What inspired us to write our own comic book? This new promotion that has Big G cereals teaming up with the…

Open ideat: äidinkieli


Varga-Neményi-menetelmään, toiminnallisuuteen ja Liikkuva Koulu-ideologiaan hurahtaneen opettajan opetuskokeiluja.

Shroom with a View ......special rates for pixies!

Shroom with a View ......special rates for pixies!

Kesäinen reunus kesätarinalle tai kesärunolle


Kesän kunniaksi voisi vaikka runoilla! Hae inspiraatiota Värinauttien kesärunosta ja lataa itsellesi tyhjä reunus, joihin voit kirjoittaa oman runosi! Ja muista myös värittää omat reunuksesi!