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there are many gray balls with holes in the middle and one has a red dot on it
Balloons As Sphere Molds
Page 2 of 3 - Balloons As Sphere Molds - posted in Studio Operations and Making Work: as long as we are talking balloons... once i made some pieces by filling balloons with water, tied them, draped slabs around them, then put the whole combo into a net bag, the kind that onions or old style sausages come in..thin plastic netting. i tied off the netting with some cord and suspended the clay/water balloon/netted forms from a low hanging tree limb (i was working outside) then i paddled them t...
there are many pots that have succulents in them on the ground next to each other
Cool Cement Balloon Planters: Affordable 10-Step Decorations
How to Make Cement Balloon Planters | The garden!
a fountain made out of rocks in the garden
How To Make Amazing Cement Decorative Garden Ideas To Have The Most Beautiful Neighborhood Yard
a garden path with white stepping stones and blue flowers on either side, surrounded by greenery
Pihan pintamateriaalit - 10 ideaa
Klassiset raparperilaatat tuovat mukavan kotikutoisen ilmeen pihan poluille. Niiden tekemiseen tarvitset sementtilaastia ja raparperinlehtiä. Kuva Annika Christensen
several succulents are arranged in a circle on the ground
garden decor garden aesthetic garden decoration 2023