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a pencil drawing of a woman with her hands on her hips
Leslie Hung
I’m going to be at TCAF this weekend! I’ll be upstairs at table 285. Come by for books and prints and come recommend places for me to eat! Also a new sketchbook is up on my Patreon and my Storenvy is closed until after I come back. Patreon
그림처음그리기 시작할때 구도잡기가 막막하죠 그럴때는 남이만든 구도를 보고 따라그리는게 연습도되고 머... Kawaii, Animation, Croquis, Character Poses, Anime Character Design, Japanese, Anime Girl Base
그림쟁이에게 도움되는 포즈구도 모음
그림처음그리기 시작할때 구도잡기가 막막하죠 그럴때는 남이만든 구도를 보고 따라그리는게 연습도되고 머...
a woman sitting on top of a wooden chair with her legs up in the air
You Will Enjoy drawing poses By Using These Useful Tips #drawingposes
a drawing of a woman holding a knife and wearing a dress with tattoos on it
Out of the black and into the blue
a woman with red hair is standing on her knees and arms are up in the air
Leo RCH (@LeoRCH_) / X
a pencil drawing of a girl with wings flying through the air and holding her arms out
two different views of the same person holding strings
I found this in the endless abyss of Pinterest, I take no credit for this artwork, but I wanted to share it with all of you. Maybe sometime soon I will share my artwork. Maybe. [I take no credit for this artwork, BUT I'd love to find the creator, help internet.?]
an anime character with long hair and bunny ears
Milkshake Date by jawlatte on DeviantArt
Adopt .:CLOSED:. by jawlatte
various poses of an anime character with different body shapes and hair, wearing short shorts
an advertisement for the saturday circus featuring a man and woman with clown makeup on their faces
Peregrinacultural's Weblog
Ilustração de C. J. Leyendecker, 1933, para capa da revista Saturday Evening Post, número de 25 de fevereiro.
Du doan bong da Seoul, Cosplay, K Fashion, Asian Girl, Girls Cosplay, Cosplay Girls, Japanese Girl, Cosplay Costumes
Du doan bong da