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young child drinking out of plastic water bottle
Are Plastic Water Bottles Safe For Kids?
What you need to know about plastic water bottles so your family can stay hydrated and healthy.
family looking at tax benifits for neurodivergent children
Families of Neurodivergent Kids Could Be Eligible For Thousands In Tax Credits
What you need to know about Canadian disability tax credits and benefits and how to apply.
protein powder drink chocolate flavoured for kids
The Best Kids Protein Powders in Canada
Tasty, kid-friendly and easy-to-use protein powders you can buy online.
kid coughing from dry drowning
What is Dry Drowning and What Parents Need to Know
Drowning is not a one-size-fits-all type of incident. Add these tips and informative bits to your water safety toolkit this summer.
mother holding her child while at the park, dealing with tourette syndrome in public Kids, Eyebrows, Sons, Syndrome, Heavy Metal, Stop Staring, Social Stigma, Tourettes Syndrome, Today's Parent
Stop Staring! My Son Has Tourette Syndrome
Accommodating my son’s Tourette Syndrome is easier than accepting the social stigma that comes with it. Jake screeches and headbangs like he’s at a heavy metal festival. But no music plays, and Jake is only seven — other children at the playground stare. One kid jeers: “Weirdo.” Other parents raise their eyebrows as I do nothing. So if you see us, or people like us, in the park one day, here’s what you need to know.
sick newborn with jaundice Parents, Newborns, Newborn Care, Baby Jaundice, Parenting, Newborn, Kids Health, Care, Jaundice
What you need to know about newborn jaundice
Jaundice is mild in newborns, there's no need to worry. Here's how to treat and care for your baby.
cupcakes infront of a pink background, celiac disease in children Health, Dental, Celiac, Healthy, Disease, Dental Problems
Could your kid have celiac disease?
Celiac causes all sorts of seemingly random health issues, like diarrhea, irritability, anemia and dental problems. Here's what to do if you suspect it.
child potty training while holding thier toy bear Special Needs, Common, To Start, Start
Autism and Potty Training: Setting Your Child Up for Success
Common issues, signs of readiness and where to start. All the tips to set your child up for success.
mother hugging her child lovingly Adhd, People, Adhd Anxiety, Autistic People, Ocd
Co-occurring Conditions with Autism
ADHD, anxiety and OCD are common among autistic people.
young girl wearing yellow shirt making a robot out of lego's Play, Toys, Popular, Legos, Popular Toys, Creative Play
Popular Toy Sparks Creativity in Girls, New Research Proves Its Importance
Let’s unlock the creative potential of girls. A new global study from the LEGO Group reveals girls feel intense pressure to be perfect — and parents say this trend continues into adulthood. While creative play for girls is key to their success, the desire doesn’t always come naturally.
child going to the doctors to check for kawasaki disease Children, Understanding, Symptoms, Arteries
Understanding the Symptoms of Kawasaki Disease in Children
Kawasaki disease can cause problems with the blood vessels and the coronary arteries. Here are the symptoms to watch out for.
mother looking through her child's hair looking for lice Louse, Doe, Never Forget, Family Health, Good News
What Does Lice Look Like?
Don’t panic, even experienced parents miss them. The first things to ask are what does lice look like and how to spot them. The good news is that after you see this, you'll never forget.
mother holding her child on her shoulder dealing with cradle cap Baby Health, Learning, Reading, Kiddos, Cap
What you need to know about newborn cradle cap
What you need to know about newborn cradle cap
young little girl with curly hair holding onto toilet paper sitting on he toilet Help Kids Learn, Wipes, Potty, Kids Learning, Teacher Hacks, Cheeky, Learn How
This cheeky hack will help your kid learn how to wipe their own butt
Teaching your kids how to wipe their own bum is the last hurdle in potty training, and this teacher's hack will make it a breeze.
Debunking 10 Common Myths about Autism
Debunking 10 Common Myths about Autism
Why these myths are so harmful and how you can promote acceptance and inclusion by knowing the facts In celebration of World Autism Month in April, Autism Speaks and Autism Speaks Canada launched their Fearless campaign to spread awareness about autism, promote acceptance and inclusion, and stand united against myths and disinformation.