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young children celebrating the end of the school year by throwing their papers in the air
The End of a School Year Reminds Me of an 80s Cassette Tape Player
As parents, we have no choice but to press record, but as we look back, it always seems as though we fast-forwarded through an entire year.
5 ways to elevate homeschooling experience, mother and child doing homeschool work together Parents, Back To School, Education, Home Schooling, Alternative, Homeschooling, Homeschool, Parenting, School
5 Ways to Elevate Your Homeschooling Experience
As we celebrate Homeschool Awareness Month in May, it’s important to remember why this alternative form of education can be great for many families.
children in the classroom painting Success, School Year, Today's Parent, Autism Speaks, Special Needs
Back-to-School: Autism in the Classroom
VP of Autism Speaks shares strategies for a successful school year
kids backpack for school organized with all the necessities Parenting Expert, School Routines, Get Your, Routine
Ask Sarah: Preparing for Back-to-School Routines
Parenting expert Sarah Rosensweet shares two approaches to get your kids ready for new back-to-school routines
family morening routine getting ready together Kids, Sarah, Combat
Ask Sarah: How to Survive Without Routine
Parenting expert Sarah Rosensweet shares strategies to help combat boredom that can come as the summer winds down and kids have been out of routine.
back to school prep, using stickynotes to organize your life
10 Tips for Organizing for the New School Year
Professional organizer shares ways to clear clutter and chaos and get your home ready for new back-to-school routines
young girl holding school books going back to school School Age, Avoid, New School Year
How to Avoid Back-to-School Hysteria
Prepare your kids — and yourself — for the new school year with these expert tips.
gifts for teachers they will love while there is a girl and her teacher learning how to write Ideas, Teacher Gifts, Teachers, Great Gifts For Teachers, Great Teacher Gifts, Best Teacher Gifts, Best Gifts For Teachers, Gifts For Teachers, Best Teacher
14 Great Gifts For Teachers They're Sure to Love
Including a cool candle, a savvy alarm clock and some teacher-approved pens. With the end of the school year on the horizon, it’s time to think about who to buy your beloved teachers. Finding the best gifts for teachers is tough, but we’ve done the work for you. From a cool candle to a savvy alarm clock, below are the best teacher gift ideas to make a good impression on the ones who enlighten us the most — or if you’re the teacher, the best gifts for your co-workers.
children learning at school Teaching, Learning, Teaching Tips, Homework, Fun Activities, Activities
This Teaching Trick Gets Kids Excited About Learning
Turn helping your kids with their homework into a fun activity for both of you.
father and daughter working on homework together to overcome fear of math Children, Life, Overcoming
How to Help Your Child Overcome Their Fear of Math
Five tips to reduce anxiety and set children up for a lifelong appreciation of the subject. Returning to school can help bring a positive and structured routine back into your child's life, but it can also bring a lot of fear and anxiety—specifically when it comes to math class. While anxiety towards the subject can be a barrier to learning, an optimistic approach from parents can set children up for a lifelong appreciation of math.
child listening to something while doing their homework Reading, Memories, Best Memories
What is Auditory Learning? A Comprehensive Guide
If your child possesses a good memory for song lyrics and enjoys podcasts or audiobooks, they likely exhibit characteristics of an auditory learner.
lunch bags, bento boxes and snack containers for school
The best lunch bags, bento boxes and snack containers
The best new gear to help you pack yummy lunches and snacks that are easy to access and just the right temperature.
family doing homework together, 5 Tips for Parents to Help Their Child Prep for Exams Preparedness, Emotional Wellness, Supportive, Exam, Prepping
5 Tips for Parents to Help Their Child Prep for Exams
How parents can strive to create a supportive environment, encouraging both preparedness and emotional well-being.
studying for the digital SAT Sats, I School, Tips, Student, Wellness
Helpful Tips for Digital SAT Prep
Education expert explains the recent shift to a digital format for the SAT and how students can better prepare.
daughter and father doing homework at the table smiling Home, Maths, Fun Math, Math
6 Ways to Make Math Fun as a Family
Practical ideas to help turn your home into a fun space to explore numbers with your child.