Sarpaneva pata

Iittala 3-Quart Stock Pot

Made of cast iron with an enameled interior, the Iittala Stock Pot's classic shape is modeled after a famous Finnish design from Durable and resistant to high temperatures, it's ideal for frying and simmering foods, or…

Marimekko Siirtolapuutarha teapot

Marimekko Tea Pot Siirtolapuutarha, tea will always taste good.

Ultima Thule Tapio Wirkkala 1968  Inspired by the melting ice in Lapland, Wirkkala originally created the surface in the 1960s after carving...

Ultima Thule tumbler designed by Tapio Wirkkala for Iittala. my favourite piece of tableware design. Thank you Finand for creating so many amazing things.

Piilopaikka by Arabia | Finnish Design

Arabia Finland Piilopaikka Metsä / Metsa Cup l, by Piia Keto

Iittala Ultima Thule

Iittala Ultima Thule Anniversary Champagne Glasses (Set of 2)

Iittala Ultima Thule Anniversary Champagne Glasses (Set of - New Arrivals

Iittala Kastehelmi

The Kastehelmi Collection from Iittala is adorned with beads of glass that add sparkle and texture to each charming piece. Elegant with a vintage feel, Kastehelmi dinnerware will brighten any table with its glistening style.

Aarikka Puisto-kakkulapio

The heart of your home deserves the most beautiful, genuine kitchenware. Aarikka’s bubbly, round shapes are echoed in important kitchen supplies and tableware.

Iittala Essence wine glasses

Iittala "Essence" Stemware, designed by Alfredo Haberli, each piece features identically sized bases and stems while bowls are close in proportion- Shown left to right: Red Wine, White Wine, Flute

Sukat makkaralla -juomalasi 2dl / 2 kpl - kirkas -

Sukat makkaralla -juomalasi 2dl / 2 kpl kirkas

Colourful mouth-blown glass for any table, any day. Designed by Anu Penttinen, Sukat makkaralla ("Socks Rolled Down") glassware is straightforward in spirit and complex in form - unique, self-confident individuals who say every day is a cause for celebrat