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What were they inking? America's stupidest criminals who always get caught... because of the tattoos that cover their faces

Each of theses instantly recognisable felons has guilt written all over their faces... some of them almost literally.

fuck no bad tattoos: the original bad tattoo blog

Went in hoping to get a quote that has a lot of meaning behind it, came out with this mess. Fear not, he squeezed the missing letter in and I’m going back when it finishes healing to get it fixed to...

It's Bad Tattoos Day! 14 More of the Worst | Team Jimmy Joe

The Weird. The Ugly. The WTF Regretful.

Hilarious internet gallery reveals disastrous tattoos

Among the horrendous errors are numerous errant apostrophes and suspicious renderings of words that aren't particularly complex.

Little Monsters

Little Monsters - bad tattoos | wtf tattoos | tattoo fails | worst tattoos

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Elvis Pursley

Inking someone is just as big of a responsibility as getting inked. I mean, if someone is determined to get a permanent mark on their body, the one who is making it happen has to be skilled enough to make sure it doesn't become a regret of a lifetime. But that's not always the case. A good way to test if a tattoo artist did a good job is swapping it with a real-life object it is meant to represent, and some are so hideous, it's hilarious.

53 WTF Face Tattoos That Are a Sign Your Life Might Have Gone Wrong

53 WTF Face Tattoos That Are a Sign Your Life Might Have Gone Wrong - The internet has generated a huge amount of laughs from cats and FAILS. And we all out of cats.

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