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a drawing of two people and a child
Harry Potter - Harry Potter Fan Art/Graphics/Animations #11: So many arts to see, so little time. - Page 7
two men and a woman sitting on a couch with their arms around one man's shoulders
J.K. Rowling Just Explained Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Your Least Favorite Family
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▷ Los mejores Regalos de ⚡ Harry Potter ⚡ Tienda online
two different pictures of the same person in front of flowers and one with an angry look on his face
Between Dudley and Neville, I'm beginning to suspect that puberty works differently in the UK.
a young boy is making the vulcan sign with his hand while standing in front of a glass window
Here's What The Supporting Cast Of "Harry Potter" Looks Like Now
a man in a suit and hat standing next to a fire place with his arms outstretched
Dudley Dursley
Dudley Dursley (portrayed by Harry Melling) was born 23 June 1980
two men sitting at a table with papers in front of them
Vernon and Dudley Dursley
Hogwarts Alumni: Vernon and Dudley Dursley
three people sitting at a table with papers in front of them and one person holding a teapot
JK Rowling finally reveals why the Dursleys hated Harry Potter so much
a man with a moustache on his face is making a funny face while looking at the camera
How To Open International Bank Account Online
Vernon Dursley