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Tommy Fisher

Kirkkonummi, Finland
Tommy Fisher
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Invisible bike helmets

Creativity is not restricted by what gender you are born. Watch the Focus Forward Films documentary showing the inflatable bike airbag, invented by two women in Sweden.

Colour cable

"CE accessory manufacturer BlueFlame continued its expansion this month with the addition of a new line of charging cables." - Lisa Johnston, TWICE

Motorola Project Ara - Modular smartphones

Motorola’s ‘Project Ara’ modular smartphone setup switches out hardware like apps We were intrigued by the Phonebloks concept phone that teased the ability to switch out a handset’s components the way.

Finding Rover iPhone app - reunite lost dogs with their owners through facial recognition

Losing a dog is heartbreaking. Sadly, each year a huge number of dogs are lost, with only a small percentage of them ever returning home.

Leap Motion 3-D motion control €93.98

Leap Motion input device promises to revolutionize how we interact with computers (doesn't everything? It's cool and will get better as they hone the dev tools and more people start building it into their applications.

'Tile' lost and found system - $18.95

This low cost solution can help a parent with dementia. Tile can be attached to things that are easily lost or stolen, such as a wallet, keys, phone, or computer. This is a fantastic idea if you or your parent tend to lose things frequently.

Israeli earthquake proof school table

Earthquake-Proof Table: A concept by industrial design students Arthur Brutter and Ido Bruno, this table is light enough for two children to lift and move yet can withstand the impact from a one-ton object falling onto it.

AL13 silver and black iPhone cases

silver and black iPhone cases