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Lovely Magikarp Crossbreeds (by fluffycutecats on tumblr)
human version gijinka pokemon, goodra
These are cool!
The generations passed... So Pokémon fandom... Omg I just got a rush of Pokémon fangirlness. The connection between us fans, the trainers, and one beautiful game is extraordinary. We will never forget our partners and loved Pokémon. Trainers unite as one!
Chandelure, Klinklang, and Goldeen, these would make great cosplays ooo I'm loving the Chandelure
Haha I remember when having mewtwo was the coolest thing ever
Meet the Pyro by *BrokenTeapot
A fantastic comic by George Rottkamp and Tristan Cooper from Dorkly taking a look at how players handle various situation at the beggining vs. the end of Skyrim