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imprinting texture from sponge

The distinctive, stone-like texture below was made by spreading on a thin layer then pressing in a sponge while still wet to imprint the pattern. The sponge needs to be damp to prevent the polyfilla from sticking too much.

nurgle marine

The Internet's largest gallery of painted miniatures, with a large repository of how-to articles on miniature painting

Tutorial: Advanced – That One Hurt!: Painting Battle Damage

We all love tabletop wargames, and our miniatures often see many battles. As hobbyists, we want our miniatures to look it! Well-done battle damage effects can make miniatures look more realistic on…

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a really helpful quick guide to reproducing all of those little pieces, rather than having to convert up every single model.

So I& nearly done painting the Chaos Sorcerer. In the meantime I& got a small post on an test I did casting a Green Stuff shoulder pad. In a recent post about silicone rubber and casting .

Bugbait_Walkway03.jpg (800×492)

While I am skeptical bugbait seems the one for needing ad hoc terrain I can't not recommend toposolitario for quick and good looking ad hoc terrain.