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❤ thats why sex Is never your main focus in a relationship. I think thats why I'm so in love with mines because that has never been his main focus he'd rather lay in bed and have deep intellectual conversations about life and future plans. We have a life time for sex. Getting inside my mine is way more sexier and romantic to me! #sptruth s&d ❤

Woooo, that is deep and so meaningful. This frame of mind and depth of emotion It is what men should aspire to achieve when truly loving their woman and getting to real woman inside that they love.

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so now ex-friend used to like this guy, and he was dating another girl, and i said hell break up with her soon (cause this guy was a player) and then maybe youll be next. she said, I dont want to be some guys second choice.

I gave my dad too many chances. I'm done with his shit now, he just tried to tear me and my friend apart just so that way I can be forced to live with him, I'm done with him and his family's crap