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Take Me Back to Earth by on @deviantART

I had earned the winged cats respect but I wasnt sure if this cat would mind me around so I figured I would make the most of the time I could get out of him.

The Best of Jurassic Park by Ashley Schultz

Dinosaur Art Contest Winner Announced! Trent Taft& Blue Raptor takes the top spot in our forum art challenge to celebrate JURASSIC JUNE!

Por Mark "Crash" McCreery

Concept design by Mark "Crash" McCreery Lead concept designer, Jurassic Park I found this image while I was browsing a JP forum, and I'm posting it here. The Three Little Raptors - Jurassic Park

Firnen by TatianaMakeeva This is very much like Rollm, the young dragon protégé of Sedgewick, very much like a younger Gralen.

Oh...this one is from December last year...hahaha. I'm so fast with submitting And it's something different than I usually people in this one...haha. Well...this is my OC a wolf...

Spread My Wings by tincek-marincek This is concept art of my character Ash…in a wolf form this time xD Like usually, done in Photoshop…in about 7 hours.