Tero Lähdesmäki

Tero Lähdesmäki

Tero Lähdesmäki
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Fire Fighter fighting fire in hallway, once a hall or stairway is involved, the fire can rapidly spread to other rooms or higher floors.


Alessio Albi is an Italian photographer passionated in portrait and who managed to capture with his camera superb compositions, often featuring young women in amazing sceneries. Great work on light and colors in the work of this artist based in Perugia.


Northern Ireland photographer Donal McCann specialises in portraiture and architecture.

15 Fun And Cool Wedding Photo Ideas You May Want To Steal…

15 Fun And Cool Wedding Photo Ideas You May Want To Steal… love the one with people holding boards saying how they know the bride

Tom Hoops

No medio da celebración dun partido de fútbol, un mozo é abatido cunha xerra de cervexa nun popular pub de Estocolmo e morre alí mesmo. Parece un crime sen importancia, polo menos ata que entra en xogo a intervención do Grupo A