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Feeling sharp, irritated, angry or oily? Learn how to balance Pitta with the Pitta Balancing Diet. Click now to learn which foods to eat & which to avoid!

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Pitta Menu - I am Pitta with a Vatta daughter. It was interesting to know that before knowing our strongest doshas, we already had food preferences that matched the Aryuveda suggestions.

image representing a chart of how to determine and understand your ayurvedic dosha

Feeding Your Dosha Properly Ayurveda practices repair imbalances using herbs and minerals, massage, yoga, and lifestyle changes—particularly diet. So, here is more about how to feed your dosha.

How should I eat for my dosha ?

How should I eat for my dosha ?


Kristie Kahns is raising funds for "The Beauty of the Sequence" photo book by Kristie Kahns on Kickstarter! A photo book of the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series postures, with photography by Kristie Kahns in collaboration with Alexia Bauer.


i'll be posting pictures my friends and teachers practicing, as well as other pictures and articles i find related to yoga for men.