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There are about 3 million saunas in Finland. They come in different styles and sizes. Traditionally sauna was a Sacred Place - and not just for Finns. Also Balts and Native Americans think the steam of the sauna is sacred. Sauna is about Physics, Emotions and Mystics. When understood correctly, it is also today a Sacred Source of Pleasure and Healing.
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Scandinavian Sauna Culture

This Swedish bathing pavilion features rough-cut pine walls that are treated with tar, a preservative that yields a time-worn aesthetic. Photo by James Silverman. This originally appeared in Modern Wood Pavilion Joins Home.

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Finnish sauna, memories of childhood, the sauna cleansing ritual!

Saunamaan maasauna, Vörumaa, Estonia

This is like a sauna village which has several saunas of different types. Visitors can rate where the steam feels the best and learn about the history of saunas. We have a cave, Finnish and Estonian saunas and a sweat lodge.

Rajaportin sauna is 100 years old public sauna in Pispala, Tampere | Photographer: Johannes Romppanen

Rajaportin sauna is 100 years old public sauna in Pispala, Tampere, Finland


All I Need is a Little Cabin in the Woods Photos) Imagine no more worrying about the commute, early starts or noisy neighbors.These remote cabins would be the perfect hideaway for those who just want .

Ingrid Linnea Ruin (1881 – 1956, Finnish)

Ingrid Linnea Ruin (Finland, «Two girls in a sauna

Bath house 1913 Zinaida Serebryakova

"Bath" Artist: Zinaida Serebriakova (Russia 1884 - 1967 France) Imperial Russia, 1913 Zinaida Yevgenyevna Serebriakova was among the first female Russian painters of distinction.