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a close up of a bee on a white background
PRINT Flying Bumblebee, Bumblebees Butt, Realistic Bumblebee Wall Art, Zoological Illustration Bee, Insect Watercolour, Entomology Art Bee - Etsy
people are standing in the center of an abstract graphic art work, which includes shapes and colors
Jane Bowyer | Design and Illustration › Arts Council England
Jane Bowyer | Design and Illustration › Arts Council England
four calendars with trees and mountains in them on a white marble surface, each showing the
Wall Calendar 2023 12 Months Plus Inspirational Cover Page - Etsy
Wall calendar 2018 12 months plus inspirational cover page | Etsy
an image of a person in a bathtub with balloons floating from the ceiling and an umbrella above them
Personal Experiment
Personal Experiment by Koyoox , via Behance
a man riding a bike on top of a red and white poster
Ace Jet 170
Honda bike poster—The extremely bold lines make this a very dynamic composition. A highlight is how the face is cut off with the bike and how the body copy is laid underneath, nicely typeset. The real visual treat is the one line that comes off the bottom tire—wonderful placement, makes the bike feel very in motion.