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an open notebook with some writing on it and a pen next to the pages that have been drawn
Ashley | Bullet Journalist on Instagram: "Here's my January calendar! I didn't make a cover page since this theme is just a continuation of my 2023 theme. I've been loving this format for calendars lately so I stuck with it. On the other side is just space for a monthly to-do list, I'll share that in my stories since it's not particularly interesting for a full post lol. Thanks for all of the love on this theme, yall know how to make a girl feel special 😘 On another note, 2023 is 4 days away
a pencil drawing of a fairy holding onto a flower with her wings spread wide open
a drawing of a person holding a camera
*ೃ༄ M I L K Y T E A
a piece of paper with some drawings on it
99 Single-Line Tattoos That Are Fine-Line Perfection
a drawing of a woman's face with curly hair and eyeliners on it
sketchbook pages inspiration
a drawing of two girls with long hair and one has her eyes closed while the other is
Anime art ✨
a drawing of an elf with horns and eyes
Dessin na’vi
a drawing of a cartoon character from frozen world
"The Beauty Within"
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a pencil drawing of the character from disney's cars
Med Tech. Запись со стены.
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Eye painting