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How to throw a Travel Mug - Video Tutorial
Learn pottery with me - video tutorial: Using 420grams of stoneware clay, I throw this travel mug on the potters wheel in just under 7 minutes - this is pretty long cause I keep stopping to show the camera the tools I'm using for each stage of the process. #potterytutorial #learnpottery #Karaleighfordceramics
Decorating a Hand Built Clay Vase in my Ceramic Studio
I have made this shape a few times now, decorating each time in different ways. This one has sold, though you can head to my website to see the other beauty in store now. To learn more about my methods for; ~ Hand building ~ Clay slip ~ Tools and methods ~ Sgraffito ~ Design I have 4 popular online courses available now. Click the link in my bio and select ‘online courses’ to learn more. You are always welcome to dm or comment below if you have any questions 😊 #onlinecourse #clayart...
Throwing a pottery sake bottle or a vase
I use about 1.5 lbs of clay to make ceramic sake bottles. This particular shape also works well as small vases.
Throwing a vase with a wide bottom and narrow neck. #throwing #potteryvideos #pottery
Mesmerizing Pottery Making
Love this pottery piece 😍
I think this is my best pottery piece so far since I started making them last month . Pottery studios are still closed and I can't fire them to see the real beauty of each of the pottery vases and pots I made. 😭🔥
How To Make A Dinner Plate On The Pottery Wheel
How To: Make a Flower Pot
How to Throw Off the Hump
6 Tips for Throwing off the Hump: • Spiral Wedge your Clay • Slap Center • Center one Cup at a Time • Use your Fingers to Gauge Amount • Use a Ruler or a Tombo Stick • Practice! Practice! Practice!
How to throw a small plate on a potter’s wheel?
Music: Flow, LiQWYD
there is a woven hat hanging on the wall
a man is making pottery on a wheel with the words unleashing your inner potter on
Unleashing Your Inner Potter on the Wheel
Embark on an extraordinary artistic journey as we unlock the captivating world of pottery, a timeless craft that has captivated hearts for centuries. Immerse yourself in the transformative power of the potter's wheel, where clay takes shape and dreams come to life with exquisite precision. Are you ready to embrace the art of pottery? This beginner's guide will be your compass, leading you through the enchanting realm of the potter's wheel. Discover the essential tools and materials you need...