Winter wonderland

Snow covered rooftops in the beautiful old city of Bern in Switzerland. saw this in a dream before! also reminds me of harry potter for some reason, even though I've never read the books.


For some, winter represents cold and death. But the season can be as beautiful as it is frigid – the snow and ice that covers much of the hemisphere in the

Blue Pond, Hokkaido

BLUE POND & FIRST SNOW: The blue pond of a famous tourist resort. Since this pond freezes in winter, nobody is there during that period. This photograph is the moment of the first snow of the season falling on that blue pond. by Kent Shiraishi

Prague Castle from the Charles Bridge

Prague Castle serves as both the official residence of the Czech President and as a popular tourist attraction.

Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Blue Lagoon: this geothermal spa is a popular tourist attraction, located in a lava field in Grindavik, southwestern Iceland.

Bran Castle in Bucharest

I've been here 3 times. 10 best castles in Europe - Bran "Dracula's" Castle, Romania