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a patch with a cup on it sitting next to a plant
Updates from AChapterOfTea on Etsy
four coasters with different designs on them sitting on a wooden table next to each other
Fun Scrap Fabric Project Ideas - Huge List
two stuffed cats sitting next to each other
Cyber monday #14 by Mikhail on Etsy
a piece of burlap hanging on a rope with an orange and blue candle
Itsenäisyyspäivän kynttilä säkkikankaalle
four embroidered spiderweave pillows on a wooden table
a towel is sitting on the counter next to a mirror
Vohvelikirjontaa pyyhkeisiin
Jokainen on varmasti koulun ensimmäisillä käsityötunneilla päässyt kokeilemaan vohvelikirjontaa. Vohvelikankaalle pujoteltiin erivärisillä...
two owls made out of colored paper on a white surface
Colorful Owl Craft for Kids using Fun Chalk
Occasionally there are times when I am so happy about a craft we made that I can hardly contain my excitement for sharing it with you. This is one of those times! The bright and bold colors of the Fun Chalk markers (affiliate link) mixed with the dark black color of the owl makes this …
a pair of scissors are hooked up to a cord with green thread on the end
Punomo käsityöohje
VARSIPISTO: ommellaan "pitkin viivaa"
a piece of art that has been made with different colors and designs on it,
Punomo käsityöohje
jouluisia virvittäinkuvioita
a red towel hanging on the side of a wall
Erinomainen työ! Vaatii paljon ponnistelua avaruudellisen hahmottamisen vaikeuksien kanssa painiskeleville oppilaille. Helposta ulkonäöstään huolimatta ei ole mikään pieni välityö. Alakoulun aarreaitta FB -sivustosta / Kaija Sälevä
a cross stitch pattern with red and white squares on the bottom, one has two faces
Punomo käsityöohje
Tontut virvittäin
the flowers are made out of crochet and have been stitched together to make an applique
Rainbow Flowers Applique Block
rainbow flowers
a red and white table runner with hearts on it
Joululiina etupistoilla
a red rug with yellow and white designs on it's edges is laying on the floor
vohvelikirjonta mallit - Google-haku
a paper cut out with trees and animals on it sitting on top of a table
a pair of scissors sitting on top of a piece of fabric next to a keychain
Hedgies, Hedgies, Hedgies!
Cross-stitched hedgehog (by Katia Donohoe)
an image of a knitting needle and chain
Do It Learn how to Embroidery How to Make Embroidery Stitches
four different types of heart shaped cards on a pink surface with scissors and string attached to them
36 Creative Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids and Adults
How To: Make Heart-Sewn Valentine
an embroidered fish on a piece of burlock
Burlap "Sampler" - Stitching Project
do a similar project - pull out some strands of the burlap and weave yarn through. It looks more like a Navajo rug when finished.
two keychains made to look like they are decorated with flowers and hearts on them
an owl is sitting on a branch with leaves and flowers in the middle of it
Friday Finish
Ylimääräiset voi jättää pois.
an owl cross stitch pattern is shown on the app store's facebook page, which shows
Owl cross stitch pattern...good one for Emily to start with
two burlap bags decorated with easter eggs and grass on the outside, one has an egg painted on it's side
Vohvelipujotuksella pääsiäistaulut
many different colored snowflakes are arranged on a white table top with blue and pink squares
Snowflake sewing cards
Snowflake Sewing Cards
paper cut out of animals and birds on a gray surface with text that says,
Animal Cross Stitch for Kids
Sivuston lopussa on kaksi sivua ladattavia malleja
an owl cross stitch pattern is shown on the app store's facebook page, which shows
Owl Cross Stitch Pattern...good One For Emily To Start With
a child is working on an art project made out of burlock and scissors
Zilker Elementary Art Class
4th Grade Stitchings- yarn, burlap