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someone is holding up a piece of fabric in front of a box full of other items
8.4K views · 1.2K reactions | What should we call this project? I love it when you can use an entire sheet of 12 x 12 with no waste! And even better... no measuring! #junkjournalideas #ecofriendlycrafts #junkjournalsupplies #junkjournalsofinstagram #junkjournalmaker #junkjournalephemera #scrapbookpaper #junkjournalpages | Kathy Snively | Lesfm · Inspiring Journey Background Music (Upbeat, Indie, Instrumental) (Instrumental)
the word joy is made up of colorful beads and streamers, with stars on them
dangle lettering - Bing
the words dangles alphabet upper case are colorful
Dangles Upper Case Alphabet Preview
an altered photograph with words and flowers on it
Here comes Astrid...
Collage journalling with instructions collage #journalling
DIY Stickers
Make Your Own Labels I wonder if this works.
a painting with butterflies on it and some words written in the bottom right hand corner
Rose Petals Past - The Art of Vintage Romance
Mixed Media Canvas Tim Holtz Stencils, Donna Downey Stamps, Decoart Crackle Medium, Paper butterflies, Artwork by Tracey White 2015
an image of some type of writing that looks like it is made out of paper
Sewing Kit with 39 Pack Polyester Embroidery Sewing Thread and 30-Count Hand Sewing Needles - Embroidery Design Guide
Curlz Font | Free Machine Embroidery Designs