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Photo hobby images Vantaa
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Bare tree branches

These bare tree branches were shot at Nauvo, archibelago in Finland.

Vantaankoski river

Shot at Vantaa, Vantaankoski river.

Trees of Fagervik, Inkoo, Finland

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Couple of swans

Couple of swans mingling in water. Shot in Emäsalo, Porvoo, Finland.

Lake Kuusijärvi autumn

Helsinki, Finland, Lakes, Landscapes, Paisajes, Ponds, Rivers

River Kerava tree #5

An image of Lake Kerava and a tree before it froze

I dare you!

Shot at river Kerava, Vantaa.

Ladybird relaxing

Miracles are expressions of love, allow love to flow today!

Keravan Joki #2

This is an image of river Kerava

Vantaa River #2

Shot at a stream near old burned mill. Near Kehä 3 Vantaa.

Korso sunset

Sunset at Korso, Vantaa. Hdr-imagemade from three images.