I have this great feeling in my heart that I was made to wander and wonder.
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Ps 23:6

Why would I fear the future? For I am being pursued only by Your goodness and unfailing love. Psalm If we know that we are being pursued by goodness and unfailing love, the future shouldn't be scary.

God sees everything, the most wretched parts of me...yet He still loves me more than I could ever fathom

God knows me inside and out, even my ugliest and hardest parts and yet He still loves me. Despite the wrong I've done and the mistakes I've made I am still and will always be immeasurably LOVED. Thank You Jesus.

I want to be like this

As Christians we need to really love like Jesus, make people want to lead a loving, caring, Christlike life like we do.

Ombré walls.

10 Ombre Wall Designs That Will Inspire You. The ombre style is on trend right now, so why not consider one of these ombre wall designs for your home.

The Romanian Hills

Our favourite photos from rustic homes full of character in Wales and the Lake District, cabins in the Romanian mountains and romantic French villages.