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In order for us to create, attract and manifest any in our lives, we all require healing. Please visit www.cre8tivedreamz.com for more about energy healing, chakra resonance alignment, crystal resonance therapy in order to remove stagnant energy, debris, attachments, tears and jokes creating blockages in our ability to flow in pure energy.
How To Get Up Early - Start a Great Day and Feel Awesome Throughout It! | #lifeadvancer | www.lifeadvancer.com
EXERCISE - 5 Tibetan Rites - Chakra Activation Exercises
Concrete Cabin For Filmmaker Is A Stunning Space Based On A Garage. - See more at: http://www.ifitshipitshere.com/olson-kundig-the-brain/#sthash.35bTXX8B.dpuf
A selection of poses that can be used to work towards the yoga lotus leg position.  http://www.sensational-yoga-poses.com/yoga-lotus.html
Continuing with the Stretching for Beginners, this is stretch 2, "Screaming pigeon." http://bit.ly/screamingpigeonbeginners
Mökkisaunan upea näköala #netrautalikes #mökki #sauna
Pihapiirin ulkopuolelle jäänyt saunarakennus aiottiin purkaa pois, mutta päätettiinkin kunnostaa. Kaksi alinta hirsikerrosta piti uusia. Lahonnut sisäpanelointi purettiin. Muhkeat lauteet veisti Mikko. Tuikkukruunu antaa saunaan tunnelmallisen valon.