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What is the difference between compound and isolation movements? Are compound or isolation exercises preferred? When should I incorporate these movements into my strength training regimen? Visit for full article on compound and isolation exercises. #strengthtraining #compound #fatloss

Cool overview of the difference between compound and isolation movements. Focus should always be on compound movements. I recommend using the isolation movements that will assist you in progression on compound movements.

@hotinfographics : Best Exercises To Target Each Muscle Group Infographic -

For bigger gains isolation exercises are recommended alongside compound exercises. Here are some of the best exercises to target each muscle group.

Body types and best workout routines for them. ~ Repinned by Crossed Iron Fitness

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Here are 10 foods that are great for building muscle.

Hikers need strong muscles. What you eat every day shows up on the trail: strength, endurance, stamina on your day hikes and backpacking trips. 10 Foods That Are Great for Building Muscle - Strength Authority