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Old school highlights of our collection
Helene Schjerfbeck (1861–1946): The Old Manor Siuntio, 1901

Helene Schjerfbeck (Finnish, 1862 - The Old Manor Siuntio (via Turku Art Museum)

Pekka Halonen (1865–1933): Autumn, 1901

Pekka Halonen (1865–1933): Autumn, 1901

Akseli Gallen-Kallela  (1865–1931): Paris Bulevard, 1885

Paris Boulevard, 1885 by Akseli Gallen-Kallela (Finnish Turku Art Museum.

Helene Schjerfbeck: Self-portrait, 1915.

Helene Schjerfbeck, Self-Portrait with Silver Background, Watercolor with silver leaf, pencil and charcoal on paper, Turku Art Museum

Gunnar Berndtson (1854–1895): Summer, 1893

Summer Gunnar Berndtson (Finnish, Berndtson could be called a salon painter who specialised in the depiction of beautiful fabrics, luxury objects and a sophisticated lifestyle. He painted Finnish landscapes in the.

Werner Holmberg (1830–1860): Autumn Morning, 1856

Werner Holmberg (1830–1860): Autumn Morning, 1856

Akseli Gallen-Kallela (1865–1931): The Defence of the Sampo, 1896.

The Defense of the Sampo (Sammon puolustus) is a 1896 Romantic nationalist painting by Finnish painter Akseli Gallen-Kallela. The painting illustrates a passage from the Kalevala, the Finnish national epic compiled by Elias Lönnrot in the century.

Ville Vallgren (1855–1940): Pride, 1898

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