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a small green airplane flying over some trees
A Pitts Model 12 fitted with a radial engine.
the house is surrounded by large rocks and trees, with glass walls on each side
an airplane is flying in the sky on a cloudy day
PT-LUZ | Gates Learjet 25D | Private | Guido Ferneda | JetPhotos
a small airplane flying above the clouds
a small airplane flying through the air over land
What was wrong with V-tail Bonanza pilots? : Air Facts Journal
two small planes are parked on the sand in front of blue sky and white clouds
a small white airplane flying in the sky
Photo of Piper PA-24 Comanche (N6778P) - FlightAware
a small plane is parked on the sand by the water's edge in front of a body of water
a blue and white airplane is flying over some trees in the night sky with it's landing gear down
Carbon Cub EX