Suomen presidentit

Presidents of Finland - Suomen presidentit

Finnish mark before euro

Finnish mark bills before Finland converted to the Euro

<3 Suomi-Finland <3  - There are exactly 187,888 lakes (larger than 500 m²) and 179,584 islands within the territory of Finland.

Suomessa on järveä ja saarta. I Finland finns det __ sjöar och __ holmar.

Itsenäistyminen - tehtäviä oppilaille.

Itsenäistyminen - tehtäviä oppilaille.

Kansallislintu Laulujoutsen

Finland celebrates 100 years of Independence on December Kansallislintu Laulujoutsen

Suomilampi (Finland pond) near Yllästunturi. Does the shape of this lake remind you of something? //// It is our country, WITHIN our country! the country of a thousand lakes... as a lake. Countryception and lakeception at the same time. Wtf.

Suomilampi (Finland pond) near Yllästunturi, Finland. Does the shape of this lake remind you of something? The country of thousands lakes. as a lake.

Finland flag printable

Print these and add Finland to your collection of European flags. Why not make some European Union bunting?