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Fill with mincemeat for individual hand pies. Use enriched dough or short crust pastry or flaky pastry?

Meat and Cheese Platter Idea (picture only) by VenusV

ALACARTE CATERING likes this presentation of a Cold Meats Plate.( beautiful cold meats and cheese bouquet)

Voileipäkakku - koristelu

PHOTO ONLY - Voileipäkakku - Finnish sandwich cake. (Just pic) Built just like a normal cake but with savoury ingredients like ham or smoked salmon. Love it


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Adorable!!!!!!! (Lihavoileipäkakku = Finnish 'sandwich cake')

An especially artisanal Lihavoileipäkakku aka Finnish sandwich cake

Voileipäkakut - Elämä makeaksi - MTV3.fi - Makuja - Blogit - Elämä makeaksi

Voileipäkakut - Elämä makeaksi - MTV3.fi - Makuja - Blogit - Elämä makeaksi

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herbed cream cheese w/ caviar,smoked salmon flowers, lime slices,lambs lettuce and pea shoots - photo only

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LINE BOTWIN "Passe moi l'sel ! I can see the roses are made with meats, carrots, cucumber, slivers of cumber for the back accent.